"Neighbours" official cast biography, 1994


"Mike starts tutoring Lucy after she gets out of hospital," Guy Pearce says. "She's behind with her schoolwork after being sick and being away. "Anyway she gets a bit keen on him, and as it unfolds you realise there's always been a bit of feeling between them. "That's something the show does - things which are not blatantly obvious, just running underneath." Guy is satisfied his character is real enough. "Mike is a nice person," he said. "But every now and then he'll jump into something and forget about his real friends Des and Daph (Paul Keane and Elaine Smith) - the people who've looked after him. "But he can be adult and responsible. Elaine has left the show now, but when she was there and having arguments with Des, Mike would step in and say: 'Listen, I hate all this fighting'."

Guy Pearce was born on the 5th of October, 1967 in England

At the age of 17 he started in show-business. His first TV show was Neighbours, where he played the part of Mike. He then played the part of David in Home and Away.

Guy Pearce playing the part of Felicia was certainly a departure for Guy Pearce, the Australian heartthrob known for his roles as Mike in the highly-acclaimed international television series, Neighbours which he joined when he was only 17, and David in the equally popular TV series, Home and Away. He is also well known from the 1993 television series, The Man From Snowy River. Guy Pearce, an extremely versatile actor, has starred in three other films: My Forgotten Man, in which he played Errol Flynn as a young man in his native Australia; the contemporary rock drama, Heaven Tonight directed by Pino Amenta, in which Guy Pearce stared alongside John Waters as a young rock musician and in which he performed all his own music; and the psychological thriller, Hunting.

Guy Pearce has also played in some theatre credits include Grease, and I Hate Hamlet, he has also played in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Guy Pearce as Adam is a loud, "over-the-top scene queen" he says about his role in THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT "His outfits make a real statement. He is fashion conscious and totally focused on his image." Guy Pearce adds, "This film was such a liberating experience. In life, I think the reason why you act in a particular way is because of the way you see yourself. So when you see yourself looking totally different, it actually releases another side of you. I loved it. I realy enjoyed playing the parts. Also we did have a lot of fun making this film." Guy also said "People have often come up to me and said how much they loved Priscilla and that they seem to be singing along to the songs.

"While watching the film I have to admit when we were making this film I was also singing along to the songs but my favourite song was Go West. I have heard other pop groups copying this song but I still think that The Village People have done it best."

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