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Guy's Co-Stars Talk About Guy
A compilation of quotes from some of Guy's more (or less) well-known co-stars

Kevin Spacey:
Guy going to be "a gigantic movie star star." He says it again, with dimples, expansive hand gestures and capital letters: "A Gigantic Movie Star!"
The Fame Game
The Age, August 10, 1997

Russell Crowe:
"One of the best things about doing this movie was working with [Guy]. It was so great to have someone like him there to help me through. I mean, when the days were long and the thing feels like a real job, hard work, it was terrific to have someone there who was both a great actor and a great guy."
The Big Somewhere with Russell Crowe
by David Bradley
Celluloid Interview, December 29, 1997

"Guy used to be really good friends with a woman that I was going out with and every time they would meet up and it would be kiss, kiss and then 'darling, how are you?' And I'd be standing there like a lemon. This went on for years and he never said a word. A much weaker man would have reacted to my stupidity but I really respected the fact that he didn't do anything. He kind of jokingly says that he was scared sh**less and rooted to the spot...But I don't believe that and I told Curtis that Guy had balls of steel."
At Home on the Farm
movie plus, November 1997

Kim Basinger:
"I've worked with a lot of great actors in my life and [Russell and Guy] would have to be on the very top of the list as two of the finest actors and nicest people I've ever worked with...We were a great threesome."
Post Golden Globe Award Show Press Conference, January 18, 1998

"I've worked with some amazing co-stars in my life...But I would have to put Russell and Guy at the top of the list. They're darlings...We had such fun on the film. We have pretty much the same approach when it comes to acting. I love 'em both. I know it sounds syrupy, but it's the truth."
Why I Love Australian Men TV Week, November 1, 1997

Terence Stamp:
"Guy Pearce saved us from derision...He's beyond question. He's so heterosexual."
One Cool Guy
by Kate Halfpenny
Who, October 10, 1994

John Waters (Heaven Tonight):
"Guy Pearce, who I'd never met before -- I think he's a fantastic discovery. I mean...he's a great looking guy, he's a good actor, he's got incredible charisma on screen..."
Guy Pearce Music Video, 1991

Kylie Minogue (Neighbours):
"I have to say Guy Pearce always looked good in "Neighbours" and had a magnificent body and I don't know how hard he worked at it, but all of a sudden...yummy! He looks amazing and I was so proud of him [in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert] and I said, 'Go, Guy!'"
Australian Playboy, May 1995

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