The Daily Telegraph, September 2000

Face to face with Guy

With plenty of big-time Hollywood roles under his belt, Guy Pearce looks set to make a return to the Australian telemovie scene.

The team that made Aftershocks for SBS last year is turning the David Williamson play Face to Face into a telemovie to be screened on the ABC.

And although his agent did not return phone calls, Confidential hears chisel-chinned Pearce will reprise his role of a group therapy/workshop convenor he created for the Playbox Theatre production in Melbourne last year.

Pearce, who admitted his love for Australian projects while performing in Face to Face last year, has just wrapped shooting on his first Australian film in years, Til Human Voices Wake Us, starring opposite Helena Bonham Carter.

He has also put in an appearance at the Venice Film Festival where his anticipated film Memento debuted.

"I suppose because I've been doing it [acting] since I was eight, I don't feel hungry. I want to be an 80-year-old actor playing really unusual roles and I want people to watch them and have no idea it's me," Pearce said in an interview last year.

"I think Russell [Crowe] has done really well, in that he still manages to vary what he does while getting on to the A-list.

"But then Russell has far more energy than I do.

"I need to come home and chill right out. Hollywood makes me nervous."

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