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Last update: 02/19/2002

[Re: The Time Machine]

"We shot the film in 95 days," he says. "In Australian terms, that's four movies!"

-19 February 2002, Entertainment Weekly

[Re: The Melbourne Theatre Company not being able to match Hollywood salaries]

Guy Pearce, who will appear in Tennessee Williams' Sweet Bird of Youth next January, says money has nothing to do with it.

The star of this year's hit film, Memento, Pearce says theatre work recharges his batteries. "You get time to develop a role and flesh out the details on stage. Film can be a little frustrating because time is always so short."

His latest Hollywood film, Time Machine, will be launched in the new year, almost coinciding with his MTC appearance. "Theatre seems to open up unrealised galaxies in my brain," he says. "I can get stuck in an acting rut in films."

-05 October 2001, The Age

"I lose myself in that moment in between 'Action' and 'Cut' but it's almost a bit like taking drugs. You've gotta come out of it at the other end...and deal with the reality."

quoted in Guy Pearce Yahoo! Club on 28 May 2001

[Re: Till Human Voices Wake Us]

"I play this guy who has never got over the death of a friend when they were kids, a kind of childhood sweetheart. And I'm brought back to the countryside to help organize my father's funeral, and while I'm there this character I play, Sam, becomes haunted by this woman. It's really quite an ethereal story, about someone trying to deal with something they really haven't dealt with."

-04 September 2000, Dark Horizons

The Onion: Is there a God?

Guy Pearce: Uh, yeah, absolutely. [Pauses.] Do you want to know His name, or...? I just think it's within everybody; it's the connection that everybody has together, you know? I think that's what the power is.

O: So you don't think there's a spirit in the sky, but something that's inside all of us?

GP: Yeah, exactly. His name's Brian.

-2000, The Onion

[Re: When he was in Neighbours]

"I had to stop going to the shopping center at four in the afternoon when teenage girls got out of school."

[Re: Why he won't be moving to the United States anytime soon]

"If you ever go to Australia," he says, "you won't have to ask me why."

-October 1997, Cosmopolitan Magazine

"Los Angeles itself is a machine that is fucking going at a million miles an hour... Everyone has an agenda; everyone is struggling to get to the top."

"A lot of people here know they've seen me in something, but they just can't place me."

"You know, in America I get stuff like, 'Australia? Is that near Asia?' ... When I say I'm from Melbourne, they ask if we have TV out there. I'm like, 'No, not yet, but we're working on getting some electricity real soon.'"

"In LA, it is difficult to know if people really mean something when they say it. They tend to 'nice' you to death and say, 'Yes, we want to work with you'. Then you never hear from them again. People here are afraid to say no. Most of the time my eyebrow is pointing northward."

"When I'm making films at home I like to help out when we move to the next location. Do that in the States and six people jump up and down crying, 'Departmental violation! Get away! Don't pick up that sandbag!' Money can totally blow things out of proportion."

-quoted in Profil Vecernice

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